Moving Zen classes teach a traditional form of Japanese karate. Students learn skills and philosophy as a means of developing their bodies, minds and spirit. We offer classes for children, families and adults. Benefits are seen in school and work, and in relationships with family, peers and teachers.

Spring 2016 Class Schedule

Beginning Classes 
Tuesday at 4 pm and Saturday at 9am

Intermediate/Advanced Classes
Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm, Saturday at 10:15am

Little Samurai (and Parent) Classes
Friday at 4pm
For 5 to 7 year olds

Location for Classes
All classes are held at Sensei Ken Bernstein’s Dojo (school) at 5 Hedgerow Lane, Amherst MA 01002.

Dojo Etiquette
There are formalities observed in our school, including bowing, informed by the Japanese culture, that are explained in your introductory lesson.

Weather Cancellations
If hazardous driving conditions require closure of the dojo a message will be placed on the phone answering machine.

What to Wear
New students should wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing to their first class. We wear a traditional, white karate uniform (gi). Gi’s will be available for purchase at the dojo. No special footwear will be required as all classes are conducted in bare feet.

For more information, contact Sensei Ken Bernstein.

Moving Zen Karate

“He doesn’t talk down to the little kids. He really has a wonderful style for all the age groups.”
– Parent of eight-year-old

“We’ve definitely seen less aggressiveness with his siblings at home…”

“My son and I don’t compete at karate … we are on our own, individual, paths”
– Father of a ten-year-old

Sensei Ken Bernstein
(413) 256-3100
5 Hedgerow Lane
Amherst MA