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Tragic events have brought attention to young people and the social and emotional difficulties which can impact their development. Children can become distracted, sad, fearful, withdrawn, or aggressive. How can we, as parents, educators, and as a community address students’ feelings of low self esteem and alienation?

Who is Sensei Ken Bernstein and why is Moving Zen Karate different?

Sensei Ken began his study of the martial arts in 1972, earned his black belt and began teaching in 1975. He now holds a fourth degree black belt in karate. Sensei Ken also holds a Masters degree in social work, and is an institute trained psychotherapist. and has been teaching karate since 1976. He is a psychotherapist with a private practice in Amherst, and is an expert in Human Development. His specialty is working with athletes and performing artists. He has worked with adults and children from a wide variety of backgrounds and a range of learning styles and has produced many hundreds of highly motivated and productive young people and adults. For the last ten years Sensei Ken has been teaching young people to resolve conflicts through the combined benefits of the martial arts and dialogue.


Youngsters who train with Sensei Ken Bernstein will:

  • be better students
  • perform better in other sports, and be better team players
  • learn relaxation exercises, practice mental visualization and rehearsal
  • develop greater resilience, concentration, motivation, and mastery

Studying Moving Zen Karate, taught by Sensei (the Japanese term for teacher) Ken Bernstein, provides children with a wonderful practice for the development of their bodies, minds and spirit, safely and productively channeling their energies. Through Moving Zen Karate children develop a quiet strength, confidence, self-esteem and empathy, skills which serve one well in life.


Moving Zen Karate

“He doesn’t talk down to the little kids. He really has a wonderful style for all the age groups.”
– Parent of eight-year-old

“We’ve definitely seen less aggressiveness with his siblings at home…”

“My son and I don’t compete at karate … we are on our own, individual, paths”
– Father of a ten-year-old

Sensei Ken Bernstein
(413) 256-3100
5 Hedgerow Lane
Amherst MA